Unashamed Relationships: Authorities

Series: Unashamed Relationships

When I was younger, I remember always hearing there are certain things you just don’t talk about. If you want to keep friends friendly and relatives related, there are just some things you don’t talk about and those are: money, religion, and politics. So today we gather in a religious building, after taking our monetary offering, to talk about our relationship with politics…this is what we call a hat trick in preaching. That being said, politics is one of the topics that even those who say they don’t talk about it, end up talking about it. It’s everywhere, especially in the media. You can’t avoid hearing conversations about political sides, strategies, or stand-offs. Sometimes these conversations become heated and people say things in ways that offend others. Some people take great delight in bashing the current political party that is in control. Or the party they are not a part of…we laugh it off and go on or, we get heated and debate…And this is where relationships dissolve. This morning I want to encourage you to listen to the WORD of GOD, not to your political party, or even to your bias, which we all have…But the Word of God which teaches us how to have a relationship with our government…now that doesn’t matter whether you agree with their policies or not, it doesn’t matter if you voted for the particular candidate or not…for the Christian God’s Word rises above all.