Kids Konnection At-Home Resources For May 24, 2020

We want to provide resources for your family to use to continue in God’s Word and keep trusting in Jesus, even while we aren’t meeting together in person.

Below is a set of three videos.

The first is our lesson video for our Preschool and Kindergarten students.

Our younger kids are discovering that “God Loves Me.” This Sunday’s lesson: God Gave His Only Son (John 3:16)

Use this guide throughout the week to discuss God’s love with your kids.

The second video is for our Elementary students. The last is a PreTeen take on the lesson.

These older kids are discovering Determination. This Sunday’s lesson: Stephen (Acts 6:1–7:60)

Use this guide throughout the week to discuss determination with your kids.

We have also started a Kids Konnection Parent Blog to encourage you throughout the week.

We know that this big change can be hard for kids to process. The two links below are age-appropriate conversation guides to help you talk with your kids through a crisis.

We hope that these resources help you and your family this Sunday. It is our prayer that we will all meet together again in our regular setting very soon.